Who are you, what do you play?

Poker-player and programmer, i can speak English, Spanish, French.
I played pretty all modalities and stakes online for 10+ years, lately mostly MTTS.

Why your website is so ugly?

Because i just wanted something clear and usefull,
Marketing and website are not ‘my area’, in order to deliver at the lowest price possible i made it quick.
On the other hand, building good software yes it is my area, and it is where i feel the most important to spend my efforts.
Thats why i didnt invest much (time and money) in website and marketing :)

How can i contact you?

The best is to send me an email : blunderhunter.poker@gmail.com

What is this?

It is a study tool; the main goals are:

What am i seeing, caption?




Why did you create it?

Mostly to win time, but also to offer the benefits of Spaced Repetition.
When you study GTO with Piosolver for example:

I try to solve these problems and create new ways of learning. I build it alone as a passionate, as i love programming, poker and Game Theory Optimal.
I made it first for use it myself, as i tried all the others competitors, and i feel something was clearly missing and i could do better.

How was it made?

Why did you choose this name? BLunderHunter?

Easy, A Blunder in chess is doing a big mistake, so i wanted to filter all the useless stuff from GTO and focus on what matters. More below.

What trees.CFR setting did you use to build the cards/questions?

I build them with top players from all formats, using GTO ranges, 0.2% accuracy and many sizings.
When you purchase any pack you get all the configuration of the trees.cfr

Which subset did you used and why?

I made a subset of 40 different flops myself.
They are all strategically different.
I didn’t use pio subsets as they are made for a different purpose. (preflop solving)
For example, the 49 flop subset of pio include 3s4s6s and 5s7s9s.
I consider these two boards very similar strategically…
I looked at distribution percentage as well, for example, monochrome boards appear only 5% of the times.
It makes no sense to include a lot of them in the subset.

What is the EV diff?

How big the error between two options in relation to the pot is, example:

Usually when the EVDiff% is less than 2%, it doesn’t matter what you do, and you should play exploitatively.

How did you choose interesting and important questions?

The algorithms i made follow couple of principles and adjust all the settings automatically depending of the situation:

Video with more details

What is Anki?

More about Anki:

How to configure Anki for Poker? :

I made a video for this :


Here are the setting i suggest:

alt text

But look at the video for see how sync phone and PC (easy), restructure the fields (for example study all the river vs bet randomly) etc

What is the secret of GTO in poker?

Even if GTO frequency is 100% for X combo in Y node.
When you play, in a LOT of the cases, you don’t want to follow GTO.
Check the EVs…
When the EVs are very close, it doesn’t matters what you do in theory(even if pio does something 100%),
And in practice you should always play exploitatively.

In both images the pot is 58:

This information is totally useless… By misunderstanding a lot of players will try to learn that KQs is a check…

But here, if we were thinking about checking this combo it is a clear mistake..
We are losing 7 chips in a pot of 58 by checking instead of betting!
But it doesn’t matters at all if we bet big or small, (even though PIO choose to bet 99% of the time)..
..In the theory, in practice you better choose the line you think your opponent will make mistakes or the line you studied more than him.

The difference is so close that any small change from the inputs can change radically the frequencies:

The paradoxes of GTO:

So as we see in the previous section, you might think play exploitativly in flop and a more GTO style is river is the winning combination, but :

That’s why you may find relatively few questions for CBeting Flop for example, the evs are just too similar and for most of the combos it just doesn’t matters..

So, Why is GTO soo usefull? The loosing game.

Poker is a very complex game, we are still in the stage of ‘loosing game’

‘Loosing game’ means most of the winning does not come from being playing actively,
But because the opponent made a mistake…
To win this kind of game, you just need to not make stupid mistakes.. (AKA blunders in chess :P)

That is what i had in mind creating BlunderHunter.

Free Anki cards (Sample)

Download 100 free anki cards (HU CASH 3betpot)
Some phone display the cards in a weird way, if you see only two color deck, there is an easy solution, let me know.

Buy Anki cards packages.

I currently have ready:

The online shop link

I give discount if you buy a Bundle (all your modality packs include)
You keep the discount % for any new spot i add in future;

If you want to pay with Skrill€/Neteller$/BTC just email me: blunderhunter.poker@gmail.com

Every pack comes with :


The spot i am interested in is not listed,

I want to buy the program to create the Anki cards myself, blunderhunter.

That was my first idea, but i choose to create the cards myself, BlunderHunter is a bit challenging to use, it require a lot of time to make the CFR, extract from them, convert to anki format and on top of that you need to rent a cloud supercomputer.

Selling the cards have those advantages:

If you really want it, contact me.

Do i need piosolver to use this?

No, Anyone can use them, no need to pourchase Piosolver license…

How do i import what i just bought?

Congratulation! You will now study the equilibrium much more efficiently!
As you can see, the files of the pack are relatively smalls, but they are compressed,
When you import them, it is possible your app will freeze for a moment, even for 5minutes, Please Be Patient! :)
If it still lagging a bit just after the import, restart anki software and it will be ok.
Some phone display the cards in a weird way, if you see only two color deck, there is an easy solution, let me know.

Just download the official application here:


Once it is open, go in file / import And choose the “.apkg” you want.

The ‘AnkiDroid’ app is really good, Just download (or sync with dropbox/evernote) the file .apkg you want, If the icon’s file show anki, just click it. IF not, then touch hold it and choose ‘open with ankidroid’

You can purchase the official app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ankimobile-flashcards/id373493387

It is the only source of income of the developer.

If you don’t want to pay for it, you have (AsFarAsIKnow) three options: